So I bought a VW Bus... NOW WHAT?!


Yesterday I took off work early and my dad and I drove up to Durant, Oklahoma to go take a look at a 1972 VW Bus. 

As most of you know, I run a mobile Photo Booth Business. I have been looking to expand so I considered many different photo booth avenues and did a whole lot of research. One thing I knew for sure, I wanted my next step to be EPIC.

My dad taught me to always go big and boy was this big! It would be a huge move.... and then I started to question my decision. I was doubting myself attempting to back pedal into my dark hole called comfort zone.

But I quickly crawled back out of that hole. This is my dream! I am doing what I have always wanted to and that is to own my own business. It is a very small business but none the less it is MY BUSINESS. I am the defining factor on whether this succeeds or not.  This is a really big financial decision for me but best believe I am rooting for myself!

Its going to be so freaking worth it!

We finally pull up to this beauty and I was in awe. It was everything I had envisioned and more.


On the 4 hour (thanks Dallas traffic) drive home , I was going through all the things I wanted to do to this gem.  I want to document all the progress that will be done. So, here are the before pictures of my little 1972 VW Bus. She is obviously already adorable, I just need to tweak a few things to make her Photo Booth ready!


 Please caravan with me on this journey of my awesome little business. I want to share all my triumphs and failures with ya'll!